ORCA works with public interest groups, food producers, retailers, buying clubs, and wholesalers to promote organics and truth-in-labeling, and to increase public awareness about the difference between “natural” and organic.

Right-to-Know Grocers Contest

Top 12 GMO Right to Know Grocer

We asked consumers to nominate stores, CSAs, co-ops and farmers markets that are doing a good job of informing customers about the products in their stores. We wanted to know about store policies for stocking genetically modified (GMO) products and for labeling them. We wanted to know how GMO-conscious grocers work with manufacturers to limit the GMO products in their stores. 

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Going GMO-Free: A Grocer’s Toolkit

The Right to Know Grocers Contest proved to be a learning experience for us. From our interviews with more than 50 store staff, owners and managers, we learned what motivates them to educate consumers and provide non-GMO alternatives.

More and more grocers are taking aggressive steps to remove GMO products from their shelves. And they’re telling suppliers they won’t purchase any new products that may contain GMOs.

We’ve compiled some of the best policies, strategies and advice from many of the grocers we interviewed. We share them here in the hope they will inspire other retailers to reject GMO products, and ultimately push manufacturers to eliminate GMOs from all of their products.

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