Ocean Beach People’s Organic Food Co-Op, San Diego, CA

4765 Voltaire Street, San Diego, CA 92107
Store Logo
Website: http://www.obpeoplesfood.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oceanbeachpeoples
General Manager: Nancy Casady
Founded in: 1971
Organic Sales: Overall store sales are 95% or more.
Annual Sales: More than $10 million a year.
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GMO Practices

Manufacturer Communication

Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Market promotes and emphasizes products that are nutritious, organically-grown, cruelty-free and produced in an environmentally sound manner. Manufacturers are informed that all products purchased by the co-op need to be either organic or have an affidavit certifying that products are GMO-free. The co-op takes the substantiated claims of the manufacturer (either a written document or label designation) and any certification from the non GMO project. The store's current GE policy states: " Under current conditions no product can be guaranteed to be GE free. While organic growers cannot control random pollination, they do begin with non-GE seed. We believe planting organic seeds is the best practice for healthy people and a healthy planet. When soy, corn, or canola is a primary ingredient in a new product, it must be organic. Non-organic soy, corn, canola or sugar beets in any product must be certified as non-genetically engineered."

Product Removal Process

The co-op is diligent in keeping GMO products out of the store, any products containing GMO ingredients that are identified are removed from the store.


Products are either labeled organic, Non-GMO Project verified or have an affidavit certifying the product is GMO-free. Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Market donated $5,000 to support Prop 37, the California initiative to label GMOs. Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Market is a Non-GMO Project Participating Retailer.




  1. Pam Hayward says

    Congratulations on being named one of the Top 10 Right to Know Grocers contest, sponsored by the Organic Consumers Association. I have been a long time member and voted for you in this campaign. I can always trust what I buy at OB People Coop! Thanks for your efforts!

    Pam Hayward

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