Gary Null’s Uptown Whole Foods, New York, NY

2421 Broadway, New York, NY 10024
Store Logo
Owner: Gary Null
General Manager:
Founded in: 1985
Organic Sales: About 80% of overall store sales are organic. Sales of bulk produce are 100% organic.
Annual Sales: Undisclosed

GMO Practices

Manufacturer Communication

The staff inspects all incoming food and rejects those products suspected of containing GMOs. Gary meets with suppliers to make sure that they understand the store will sell only GMO-free products. All products must be certified organic. The store does not buy organic products from companies owned by agribusiness giants. The staff is continually searching for high integrity small companies to replace the products of organic companies as they are bought up by multinational brands.

Product Removal Process

Foods that contain any suspect or unwanted ingredients are returned to the supplier.


The store does not label products as they are confident in their practices of keeping unwanted items off of their store shelves.




  1. alex b says

    well, most shockingly of all to be missed is the park slope food coop. the largest member operated food coop in the country as far as i know. they also no longer carry bottled water and do not offer bags, bring your own or use the re-purposed boxes they offer after emptying them from new food stock.

  2. says

    It’s up to each one of us to educate everyone we know about how important this issue is. Most people don’t know, choose not to know or think that somebody else will take on the fight. That somebody has to be you! Speak to your grocer. At the very least, ask for an organic isle if they don’t already have one. Once they see the expanded interest in purchasing organic, GMO-free food they will join the bandwagon.

  3. Mary O'Hara says

    I am also sorry to hear that more superstars are not in the New York area. I already and will continue to shop at Gary Null’s. Will be sure to let them know why.

  4. Angelique says

    A Matter of Health on UES, Fairway and Trader joe’s are all pulling their weight here in the city. I just don’t think people are talking about them as much. Or care.

    • Karen says

      I agree with you. Trader Joe’s and Fairway are both pulling their weight in NYC, and Trader Joe’s does it with fantastic prices for quality and organic products. My fav place to food shop. Fairway is great as well, but a bit pricey unless it’s a sale.

    • Tony says

      Mike I agree. The NE listing makes me wonder if all the good food markets of note were included for survey. A much better place in the NYC area is the Flatbush Food Co-op on Cortelyou Road in Brooklyn, NY. It has a 40+ year history and is strict. I’m surprised it’s not on the list. I go out of my way to shop there. Their bulk food area is excellent and they have an apothecary that is awesome, produce organic. They are concerned about the foods they carry. BTW, you don’t have to join to shop there – joining just gives you a discount – it is a very friendly place. Also, Westerly’s on 54 St & 8th Ave (near Columbus Circle) has a 40+ history you might want to check out, too.

      • Patrick says

        Hi Tony (and Mike), thank you for your comments! In requesting OCA readers to nominate store’s doing the best job in addressing GMOs throughout our food supply, we knew that many stores doing amazing work would not be included because they were not nominated by any of their customers. Thank you for sharing your favorite stores, this information is helpful not only to those grocers but also to organic consumers in the NYC region looking for great grocers!

        All the Best,

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