Dad’s Organic Market, Saskatoon and Regina, SK

Two locations: 1820 8 St E. Saskatoon, SK S7H 0T6, Canada; 425 Victoria Ave East Regina, Saskatchewan S4N 2L9
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Owner: Carl Dyck
General Manager:
Founded in: 1986
Organic Sales: Overall stores sales are 90% organic. Produce sales are 100% organic.
Annual Sales: More than $10 million a year.
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GMO Practices

Manufacturer Communication

Dad's Organic Market created a No GMO policy one year ago, and communicates that policy to manufacturers and vendors. Dad's requires GMO-free statements on manufacturers’ letterhead before the store will purchase products containing suspect ingredients. Buyers always push manufacturers to remove GMO ingredients from their products.

Product Removal Process

Dad's Organic buyers regularly review products for suspect ingredients. If GMO ingredients are found in a product, that product is immediately removed and returned to the supplier. Staff is in the process of weeding out suspect products, including several popular items, and replacing them with local and organic items whenever possible. The store has an extensive gluten-free line. Many of those products likely contain GMO ingredients. Buyers keep these products in the store to offer them to their customers requiring gluten-free foods.


Non GMO and organic products are labeled. Dad’s Organic is a Non-GMO Project participating retailer.




  1. Sharon Vickner says

    I found Dad’s Organic Market about 2 years ago and I now do 98% of my grocery shopping at this store in Saskatoon. I have always been a label reader since I was in my 20’s which is now 26 years I have been paying attention to what ingredients are being used in the products I want to purchase. Now my lifestyle is an Organic and Non-GMO way of life and I am completely impressed that my Grocery is part of this lifestyle.

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